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Eurobox Mobile TV

This service is only available to subscription holders only.

Eurobox Mobile TV

We have gone mobile!!!!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Eurobox Mobile TV service!

This service allows you to add extra users to your account so you can access your IPTV service on the go via your mobile or tablet! You can also connect your mobile device to another TV in the home allowing multiple viewing at the same time!


Adults can enjoy watching their favourite programmes in peace whilst the kids watch their own programmes in another room!


Football will never be a deal breaker again! Footie fans can watch the match in one room whilst your partner watches a movie in another!

On the go

Enjoy your favourite programme, movie or box set on the go! Ideal for keeping you entertained on long journeys in the car (not the driver!), on a train, bus, or boat, in your hotel room when on holiday or business, by the pool, in the garden, at a friends house, and more – the opportunities are endless!

To activate this service you’ll simply need to download a special TV app and add extra users to your account via our website. Users can then login in any time to access the service. And, the good news is you can add as many users as you wish so every member of the household can have one if they wish!

Eurobox Mobile Platinum16€ per month per user
Eurobox Mobile Gold12€ per month per user
Eurobox Mobile Silver12€ per month per user

Want to get mobile? Then follow the simple steps below:

Click here to subscribe now

Subscribe Now

Follow the instructions provided – following purchase you will then be given a login, password and URL.

Step 1. On your mobile or tablet go to the app store and download the StalkerTV app.

Step 2. Once downloaded enter the login, password and URL that you have received from WebTV4Me.

Step 3. Click on your account
Your name.

Step 4. The screen will open as above.

Click here for instructions on how to use Eurobox Mobile TV

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