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Need more help? Please refer to the FAQ section below email us or call +33 (0)9 75 18 31 18 and we will reply within 24 hours. Our team is here to help you get the very best TV experience!

Do you need help with the installation?

What broadband speed do I need to watch Television over the Internet?

The minimum requirement is 2Mb/sec. However, some HD channels may not stream consistently at this speed. The faster your connection the better the picture quality.

How do I check my broadband connection speed?

You can visit this website or click the link on our Support page “Test my Internet Connection Speed”

How do I install the webTV4me service?

When you order the Eurobox it will be delivered ready to use, your chosen channel package is installed and you simply make the necessary connections. Our Installation guide is available on the Support page. If you need any additional help we are on hand to answer your questions.

Can I catch up with my favorite programs?

Using the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) you simply work your way back to the program you want to watch and press play. Programs are available for 7 days from the date of first showing.

What is On Demand?

Our video club has over 25,000 films and box sets recorded for your enjoyment. Search for a title or scroll through the extensive listings. We add new films and additions to series each day. Simply choose “Video Club” from the main menu.

Are all the adult channels included in the options or are they extra?

They are included as listed but need to be enabled by the use of a password to ensure that access is controlled by the account holder. Simply contact us for instructions

What is the reconnection fee?

Establishing your account and the administration charge that is incurred is free of charge when you join us. However, we need to cover our costs for disconnection. We have a “Pay as you go” option for those who require an intermittent service. Please contact us for more details.